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Donkey Hides

Donkey Hides

Glostar trading is a leading donkey hides exporter in China. Our organization is a renowned brand in exporting high-quality hides in the global market. We have innovative technology that helps us meet every desire of our customer.

We are famous for being the best hides supplier in China that guarantees to supply our customers with high-quality hides. Our focus is to ensure sustainability, so our team pulled off donkeys hides mechanically soon after the slaughter process.

We as the top quality hides supplier gladly announce that we have numerous emerging clients because our motive is not to compromise over our product excellence, and that is why we choose best hides for every client.

Throughout years our main objective is to keep a positive and long-lasting connection with our clients. So, our team members pay close attention to every demand and try their best to fulfill them in the right way.

Donkey Hides Exporter in China

We prioritize customer satisfaction, and for this reason, we provide them with fresh salted donkey hides. Our company promises to supply hides that are free from any dust particles or sand. Our hides are immaculate and washed thoroughly.

We assure you that our hides do not contain any holes, scratches, or cuts. Moreover, each hide undergoes a process which helps to verify that the hide is absolutely free from any disease, or infection.

Our team carefully examines skins and applies edible salts on donkey hides. Our department deliberately extracts fats and meat pieces from hides.

Flexibility: We attend every client and discuss their requirements and accommodate them with our best possible service.

Innovative Technology: The fundamental rule of our company is to operate and efficiently fulfill the client’s demand. Hence, we have sufficient modern equipment that makes us unique from other suppliers.

Customer Support: To maintain long term sustainable relationship, we provide customer service where we listen to every client’s queries.


Product Name : Sundry / Salted Dry Donkey Hides

    • Machine Flayed 100%
    • Weight : up to 12 kgs
    • Average weight : 7 to 8 kgs
    • Minimum Average weight limit without salt and washing water residual : 7 kg
    • Average size : 17 to 20 sq.ft.
    • Water content : less than 15%
    • Washing water content : 0.00 %
    • Hair Length :2~4 mm
    • Impurity : No sand , No dust, No mud ,No foreign object, no fats and no meat
    • Not available : No hair slip problem, No rotten Hides, No fats and meat on the Hides,No mule
    • No Holes, No Cuts, No Reheated,
    • Minimum Average weight Limit : 7 Kg minimum before Salt Application.
    • Salt Applied : Edible Salt.
    • Sand : non and clean from any other dust or mud.
    • Quantity : 1 X 40 Ft FCL = 2900 Hides DRY SALTED DONKEY HIDES 100% machine flayed
    • Weight : up to 6 kgs Size various : 17 – 20, sqft feet
    • Average weight : 4 to 5 kgs
    • Selection : 100% A 1 x 40ft
    • container = 2700 pieces.


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