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March 22, 2018
Beef Omasum
Why Sisal Fiber is Important for Exporters
July 18, 2019

Advantages of Donkey Hides Gelatin

donkey hides gelatin

donkey hides gelatin

Though donkey meat isn’t an appreciated source of meat, but donkey hides are rising in demand. These hides are considered raw material for specific gelatin that is known to be very beneficial — the rising demand as caused many beef omasum and sisal fiber exporter to start supplying donkey hides.

Many exporters supply dried salted donkey hides to various nations for the gelatin that it makes. This gelatin is considered an essential element for medicines and cosmetic products. This gelatin is known as ‘Ejiao’ in Chinese. Eijao is produced with the following things:

  • dried longans
    sisal fiber exporter

    Donkey Hides Gelatin

  • rice wine
  • walnut
  • black sesame
  • donkey skin

The beauty enhancer is usually available in blocks. You can cut these blocks in small cubes to consume. On the other hand, this gelatin can also be found in capsule form.

The underlying reason for the growth in demand for these hides is the result of modern pharmacological studies. According to these studies, it can be said that the gelatin produced out of hides has more than 15 kinds of minerals and amino acids. Common minerals found are serine, alanine, lysine, calcium, potassium, copper, and iron.

Hence, this substance has proven to do wonders for many individuals who have experienced using it. Currently, Ejiao in numerous nations is being utilized for anemia, iron deficiency, blood loss, and for treating blood deficiencies. In addition, men and women who face any sort of immune system disorder, specific male’s diseases, or even gynecological diseases can use this medication as a great solution.

Rising Demand

Due to the rise in demand for donkey skin, especially in China, the nation has experienced a drastic drop in the number of donkeys present. There was a time when there were around 11 million donkeys. However, over the span of 20 years, this number has dropped to six million. Therefore, China has started importing hides from various nations including Africa and Pakistan.

In fact, there are many suppliers who have emerged over the few years who have started exporting animal hides on demand. China is known to be one of the leading importers of donkey hides.

Wrap Up

In many countries like China, people consider these hides as herbs. Though this method is considered tradition, you still can deny it is effectiveness. Therefore, companies ensure that all hides that are exported are always of high quality. Donkey skin is a great anti-ageing solution and can be used to prevent geriatric diseases.

The best thing about this medication is that people of all ages can consume it throughout the year. It can make sure skin flexible, delicate and boosts blood restoration, which makes it shiny. In addition to skin nourishment, you can also kiss your dark circles a goodbye.

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